5 Essential Transport Apps in Frankfurt

Top 5 basic transport Apps that will make your life in Frankfurt so much easier:

Free Now – formerly known as mytaxi, this app is becoming very popular in Frankfurt with their new service FREE NOW Ride that allows you to book a private hire vehicle with a driver at a very competitive fare.

Uber – is back on road in Frankfurt, three years after leaving the city because of regulatory difficulties.  Uber services include UberX, UberGreen and UberTaxi,  that connects customers to the regular taxis.

RMV – public transport app with online schedule to get around the city. Time-saving option – ticket purchase on your phone.

DB Navigator – the perfect rail travel app within & outside of Germany with online booking option. Make it to Paris in 3,5 hours from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof.

WIND – formerly known as BYKE in Germany, one of the best bike-sharing apps in Frankfurt. Station free – simply use the app to find and unlock your nearest bike.

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