Taxi Services in Frankfurt

Want to take a taxi in Frankfurt?  Here’s a brief overview of Taxi services in Frankfurt:


Taxis in Frankfurt are cream coloured with a “TAXI” roof sign and can be ordered by hailing, at taxi stands or by phone. Within the city area price fixing is forbidden, the ride is paid via taximeter. The base fare is €3.50, each of the first 15 kilometres costs €2.00 and each subsequent kilometre is €1.75. Mini-van taxis and bulky luggage incur an extra charge.

Payment: cash, in some cases payments by credit card or EC cash card are also possible.


Uber is the largest taxi app re-entered Frankfurt last year, three years after leaving the city because of regulatory difficulties.  Uber services include UberX, UberGreen and recently launched Uber Premium. The fares are usually cheaper than normal Taxi services.

Payment: cash / online payment via app.


Free Now is formerly known as MyTaxi.  This app is becoming very popular in Frankfurt with their new service FREE NOW Ride that allows you to book a private hire vehicle with a driver at a very competitive fare. You can also book a regular Taxi or Taxi XL for larger group  via app.

Payment: pay online with credit card.

Tip: always compare Uber and Free Now fares, as they run promotions from time to time with up to 50% off.  

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